Safety  Facts of Learning Deep Throat

The focus of our training kit is on holistic health and safety in the sex industry.

Our product is made from a medical grade silicone which means that it is free from toxins and harmful phthalates and is the most hygienic material that can be used for sex toys as there are no open pores to harbor bacteria. Medical silicone is the easiest material to clean and to keep clean.[/toggle][toggle title=”What NOT to DO when practicing the art of Deep Throating ” open=”yes”]

What NOT to DO  when practicing  the art of Deep Throating

Do NOT  practice with anything that can break, like fruit or vegetables such as, cucumbers, zucchini, bananas or hot dogs and sausages they can break up and become lodged in your throat and choke you to death.

Our Deep Throat  dildo’s are designed so that they can’t get stuck in your wind pipe.[/toggle][toggle title=”Our Deep Throat Dildos Have a Wide Base to Prevent them Getting Stuck”

Our Deep Throat Dildos Have a Wide Base

Preventing  them from Getting Stuck
Many other web pages say to practice on dildos, but our dildo’s have much wider base at the bottom of each dildo so that it’s impossible to get lodged in your throat. It is also easier to control the depth at which the dildo is going down your throat .