Giving Oral Sex to a Man

Giving Oral Sex to a Man.
Oral sex is his chance to relax and simply not try . Your tongue is soft warm and lubricated. Your mouth contains the same kind of moist membranes as your vagina, and your mouth muscles off of varied pressure and movement. Your main block, in giving good oral sex may be a “Natural Gag Reflex” triggered by the pressure of the penis against the back of your throat,
The way around this is to make sure you control the depth of penetration. Lie him on his back so he can not suddenly thrust into you.
Start off with shallow , penetration and gradually relax your throat muscles as you allow him in deeper.

But, the best t way to learn to do this safely, practice this is to practice with the SUPER SWALLOW DEEP THROAT TRAINING KIT.

The kit comes in three sizes so you can Smart Start small go to medium and progress to large and then progress to Large, then you can impress your man with Great Oral Sex, which he will love you for.